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UEMS Graduates

On the final day of the E-AHPBA 2019 Congress in Amsterdam, we were delighted to host the most recent UEMS Exam. The exam was well attended and supported by an experienced Board of Examiners.

We wish to extend our warmest congratulations to the following Graduates:

Marco Vito Marino Italy
Hermien Hartog The Netherlands
Ielpo Benedetto Italy
Aida Cristina Rahy Martín Spain
Christoph Tschuor Switzerland
Alessandro Coppola Italy
María del Mar AchalandabasoBoira Spain
Elissaios Kontis Greece
Makridis Georgios Greece
Vincent de Meijer The Netherlands
Keno Mentor South Africa
Kazemi Nava Andrea Italy
Nicolas Meurisse Belgium
Luis Ferreira Portugal
Manuel Maglione Italy
Sven Arke Lang Germany

It is also with great thanks that we note each examiner involved in the June exam:

Prof. Guiseppe Fusai United Kingdom
Prof. Giedrius Barauskas Italy
Prof. Frederik Berrevoet Belgium
Prof. José Manuel Ramia Spain
Prof. Luis Sabater Spain
Prof. Alejandro Serrablo Spain
Prof. Stojan Potrc Slovenia
Prof. Pablo Parra Membrives Spain
Prof. Martin Oliverius Czechia
Prof. dr. Martin Smith South Africa
Prof. dr. Cornelius Dejong The Netherlands
Prof. dr. Ahmet Coker Turkey
Prof. dr. Michelle De Oliveira Switzerland
Prof. dr. Eduard Jonas South Africa
Prof. dr. Oliver Strobel Germany
Prof. dr. Krzysztof Zieniewicz Poland
Prof. dr. John Devar South Africa
Prof. dr. Mohammed Abu Hilal United Kingdom
Prof. dr. Rowan Parks United Kingdom
Prof. dr. Ajith Siriwardena United Kingdom
Prof. dr. Emir Hoti Ireland
Prof. dr. Stefan Stättner Austria
Dr. Vito De Blasi Luxembourg
Prof. dr.Bjørn Atle Bjørnbeth Norway
Prof. Pablo Parra Membrives Spain
Dr. Mario Serradilla Spain
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