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The E-AHPBA have introduced the following guidelines to ensure consistency in the evaluation of requests for promotion, support and endorsement of studies and surveys organised by related organisations or institutions.

To view the studies already endorsed by E-AHPBA please visit E-AHPBA endorsed studies.

E-AHPBA Endorsement Policy:

An Endorsement Policy has been created to provide structure, criteria and guidelines by which a project may be endorsed and promoted by the E-AHPBA.

Applications for endorsement should be submitted to the E-AHPBA via the online application form below.  Please also see an example protocol that we would suggest is submitted with your application.

Applications will be received by the Management Office and submitted to the Scientific & Research Committee for evaluation.

The Scientific & Research Committee will review the applications at their meetings which take place on the dates listed below. This is an outline of the process. Applications must be received no later than two weeks before the meeting dates, to allow time for processing and review.

  • Monday 15th April 2024
  • Monday 8th July 2024
  • Monday 16th September 2024
  • Monday 20th January 2025
  • Monday 14th April 2025
  • Tuesday 3rd June 2025

Applicants will be updated of the outcome of the endorsement application within one week of the meeting.

Endorsement benefits:

  • Projects will be listed on the E-AHPBA Website, under ongoing projects, participation links can also be included here.
  • Use of the Blue Seal Endorsement Logo for use on any marketing collateral relating to the project.
  • Personalised Certificate of endorsement
  • One mailing about the project will be sent to all E-AHPBA members

Successful applicants will be asked to update, either via email, or by attendance at the Scientific & Research Meetings to provide an update on the projects. 

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