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News from the E-AHPBA Scientific and Research Committee

The E-AHPBA Scientific and Research Committee has been partially renewed at the 2019 Amsterdam E-AHPBA congress. We would like to thank Marc Besselink, The Netherlands, Jörg Kleeff, Germany, Raj Prasad, UK, Roberto Salvia, Italy, and Christian Sturesson, Sweden for their outstanding contribution from 2017 to 2019.

Please find below the list of members of the new committee which now includes 2 deputy chairs: Alejandro Serrablo, Spain for Liver and Oliver Strobel, Germany for Pancreas.

Committee Chair Mickael Lesurtel Switzerland
Deputy Chair Alejandro Serrablo Spain
Deputy Chair Oliver Strobel Germany
Member Meret Erkan Turkey
Member Tom Gallagher Ireland
Member Steven Olde Damink The Netherlands
Member Jose Manuel Ramia-Angel Spain
Member Attila Szijarto Hungary
Member Stefan Heinrich Germany
Member Andrea Laurenzi Italy
Member Anita Balakrishnan United Kingdom
Member Bodil Andersson Sweden
Member Frederik Berrevoet Belgium
Member Olusegun Isaac Alatise Nigeria


The Scientific & Research Committee continues to promote collaboration between research groups within the E-AHPBA.
We are proud to report on the retrospective collaborative studies, which were proposed to all E-AHPBA members to participate in. Some are still ongoing, some or being written and others have been published.

E-AHPBA Scientific & Research Committee Projects 2015-2020

Titles Principal Investigators Status
Outcomes After Distal Pancreatectomy with Celiac Axis Resection for Pancreatic Cancer: A Pan-European Retrospective Cohort Study. M. Besselink, The Netherlands
J. Kleef, Germany
R. Salvia, Italia
Published in:
Klompmaker et al. Ann Surg Oncol. 2018;25(5):1440-1447
Outcomes and risk score of distal pancreatectomy with celiac axis resection (DP-CAR) for pancreatic cancer: a pan-European retrospective cohort study.  E-AHPBA DP-CAR study group Published in:
Klompmaker et al. Ann Surg Oncol. 2019;26(3):772-781
Hepatopancreatoduodenectomy -a controversial treatment for bile duct and gallbladder cancer from a European perspective.  A. Serrablo, Spain
T. Gallagher, Ireland
C. Sturesson, Sweden
Published in:
D’Souza et al.
HPB 2019 Dec (ePub ahead of print)
Missing/Disappearing liver metastasis. Retrospective multicentric study J. M. Ramia-Angel, Spain Pending until a Scientific Fellowship is secured.
Opinions and use of neoadjuvant therapy for resectable, borderline resectable, and locally advanced pancreatic cancer: international survey and case-vignette study. S. Heinrich, Germany
M. Lesurtel, France
Published in:
Heinrich et al.
BMC Cancer. 2019 9;19(1):675
Post-cholecystectomy bile duct injury: early vs late repair with hepaticojejunostomy. C. Sturesson, Sweden
R. Prasad, UK
M. Lesurtel, France
Published in
Rystedt et al.
HPB 2019 21(12):1641-1647
Outcomes after minimally invasive or open pancreatoduodenectomy in high-volume centres: a Pan-European retrospective propensity-score matched cohort study M. Besselink, Amsterdam
European Consortium on Minimally Invasive Pancreatic Surgery
Published in:
Klompmaker et al.
Ann Surg. 2018 Jun
Total Pancreatectomy Snapshot Study J. M. Ramia-Angel, Spain Submitted to Journal
Surgical and oncological outcomes after neoadjuvant FOLFIRINOX chemotherapy for (borderline) resectable and locally advanced pancreatic cancer: a pan-European cohort. M. Besselink, The Netherlands Manuscript accepted in JAMA Surgery
Liver resection for squamous cell carcinoma metastases – outcome and description of patient selection C. Sturesson, Sweden Accruing
Short-term outcomes after total pancreatectomy; a European prospective, snapshot study J. M. Ramia-Angel, Spain
M. Besselink, The Netherlands
Writing manuscript
Survey E-AHPBA/E-MIPS registry on minimally invasive pancreatic surgery M.G.H. Besselink
Prediction of microvascular invasion of HCC recurrence by the histology of the primary HCC specimen S. Heinrich, Germany Set-Up
Scoring System to Predict Malignancy of Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms of the Pancreas: a Multicentre European Validation J. M. Ramia-Angel, Spain
T. Gallagher, Ireland
Survey about anaesthesia in liver surgery S. Heinrich, Germany Set-Up
Prospective validation study of a preoperative prognostic score in pancreatic cancer O. Strobel, Germany Set-Up

Another aim of the Scientific & Research Committee is to endorse studies run by members of the E-AHPBA. The Committee will review any application and decide of the study/project/survey should be endorsed. Please follow this link to view the list of E-AHPBA endorsed studies, survey or meetings.

Every E-AHPBA member can contact the Committee to propose new studies or to ask for assistance in the promotion of the own studies, surveys or meetings. Members interesting in applying for endorsement from the E-AHPBA Scientific & Research Committee for their study or project can read more on our website here.

The future direction for the Committee is to develop a strategy to run PROSPECTIVE studies and to develop an E-AHPBA Scientific Fellowship to foster clinical research within E-AHPBA community. This is an opportunity that could be offered to industry partners to support.

On behalf of the E-AHPBA Scientific & Research Committee,
Mickaël Lesurtel,
Committee Chair.

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