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E-AHPBA Survey Results: Delivery Of HPB Surgery During The COVID-19 Pandemic

E-AHPBA Survey Results: Delivery of HPB surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic

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The Scientific & Research Committee of E-AHPBA have recently conducted a survey on the practice of hepatopancreatobiliary surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This survey was in response to the inquiries from many of our members who are interested in how HPB surgery is being practised in other parts of Europe and Africa during the pandemic.

A presentation on the survey results by Scientific & Research Committee member and lead author Anita Balakrishnan has been placed on the myHPB COVID-19 discussion board.


We are delighted to advise that a paper has also been published in HPB, you can view the full text here.

Please use the myHPB discussion board if you have any questions for the authors of the survey or results.

We thank you all once again for your support and participation.

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