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April 2019 E-AHPBA Newsletter

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The April 2019 E-AHPBA Newsletter is now available here.

Contents include:

  1. President’s welcome
  2. E-AHPBA Membership Update by Professor Rowan Parks –
  3. E-AHPBA Membership Committee chair
  4. Secretary General’s update
  5. E-AHPBA 2019 Update by Professor Busch, Congress Chairman
  6. The E-AHPBA Education Pyramid initiative by Professor Rogiers,
  7. E-AHPBA Education Committee Chair
  8. Summary of the Spanish Course by Professor Ramia
  9. E-AHPBA Gold Seal Post Graduate course – Pancreatic Cancer, Athens January 2019, report by Professor Ioannis Passas
  10. Scientific & Research Committee update by Professor Lesurtel,
  11. E-AHPBA Scientific & Research Committee Chair
  12. Upcoming Events
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