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Festive Greetings From E-AHPBA Council

Festive Greetings from E-AHPBA Council

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E-AHPBA Goals for 2023-2025


E-AHPBA President & Executive Committee Goals

President: Prof. Marc Besselink

  1. Development of an Early Career Group.
  2. Develop the role of the Mentorship Programme.
  3. Secure new and long-term industry partners.
  4. Continue to deliver education and webinars to all members and beyond.


Membership Committee Goals

Chair: Prof. Giovanni Marchegiani

  1. Increase membership by 10%, focusing on Africa and the Middle East.
  2. Develop the Early Career Group.
  3. Create 3 new National Chapters.


Scientific & Research Committee Goals

Chair: Prof. Jose Manuel Ramia

  1. Publish 5 projects in the next 2 years.
  2. Formalise endorsement process and outline timeline.
  3. Establish small grant process for endorsement process.


Education Committee Goals

Chair: Prof. Kjetil Soreide

  1. To have a robust and continuous webinar and case discussion series to be put onto an online academy.
  2. To continue in-person Post Graduate Courses
  3. To explore the merging of collaboration with UEMS, ESSO and E-AHPBA from a curriculum point of view, which could link with the TPA.


Communication Committee Goals

Chair: Prof. Carlijn Buis

  1. To grow X and LinkedIn followers by 10%.
  2. To strengthen communication between the committees by having a liaison on each committee.
  3. To evaluate surveys on South African members and local initiatives in the Gulf region.


Innovation Committee Goals

Chair: Prof. Oliver Strobel

  1. Disseminate knowledge within E-AHPBA of areas of innovation and new technologies, e.g. using literature reviews and position statements.
  2. Promote the use of innovative technology such as 3D imaging and enhanced visualisation in surgical planning and training.
  3. Assessment of novel technologies and strategies of ablative techniques in the liver.
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