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Gold Courses and UEMS Examinations

Recently the E-AHPBA has organised two Gold Seal Post Graduate Courses. The first was a virtual course attached to the E-AHPBA Congress. We saw over 60 attendees and over 20 esteemed faculty. It was a truly packed comprehensive programme covering all areas of the HPB UEMS curriculum.

The second course, we are pleased to say we were able to run face-to-face in Zurich, Switzerland. We were joined by 36 attendees and 14 Faculty and the course focused on the Liver.

Following both these courses, we were delighted to host the UEMS Examinations. The exams were well attended and supported by an experienced Board of Examiners.

We wish to extend our warmest congratulations to the following Graduates:

Bilbao Exam

– Noel Cassar
– Patrick Starlinger
– Marcello Di Martino
– Gianluca Rompianesi
– Stijn Van Cleven
– Ole Bjerring
– Amelia Hessheimer
– Mario Serredilla
– Ruben Ciria

Zurich Examination

–  Michael Linecker
–  Pietro Renzulli
– Gian Piero Guerrini
– Cesare Giglio Mariano
– Giammauro Berardi

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