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E-AHPBA, ESSO, ESCP Consensus on the terminology,
diagnosis and management of patients with colorectal cancer
and synchronous liver metastases.

E-AHPBA are delighted to be working on the development of the consensus with the following associated Societies:

2nd – 3rd December 2022

Medical School in Zaragoza University

Zaragoza, Spain

The aim of the this two-day meeting is to produce an updated scientifically based consensus on terminology, diagnosis and management of patients with colorectal cancer and synchronous liver metastases. It will be a multi organisational consensus in partnership with the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO) and the European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP).

The programme is constructed around the questions posed during the Delphi process. Attendees of the final meeting held in Zaragoza, Spain will participate by electronically voting in the decision of each statement. These results will be used to inform the final statements.

The final document will be reviewed by a small group of experts on the topic. It is likely to be published in HPB and will form a cornerstone of management.

Interested in sponsoring the meeting…

Scientific Consensus Committee:

Mohammad Abu Hilal
Anya Adair
Amr Adelaal
Noreen Alam
Luca Aldrighetti
Vicente Alonso
Bodil Andersson
Jurriaan B. Tuynman
Anita Balakrishnan
Reto Bale
Sharon Barker
Jorge Barriuso
Gerard Bates
Max Bockhorn
Karim Boudjema
Michael Braun
Carlijn Buis
Anthony Chan
Federica Cipriani
Thierry Conroy
Bobby Dasari
Michelle de Oliveira
John Devar

Sarah Duff
Vladimir Dugalic
Victoria Duque
Eloy Espi
Rafik Filobbos
Lucy Foster
Adam Frampton
Asmund Fretland
Stefan Gilg
Simon Gollins
Janet Graham
Birgit Gruenberger
Thomas Gruenberger
Jodie Hancock
Joris Jaeckers
Saurabh Jamdar
Santhalingam Jegatheeswaran
Edouard Jonas
Robert Jones
Vijay Joshi
Constantinos kamposorias
Nikolaos Kartalis
Hauke Lang

Amanda Law
Mickael Lesurtel
Manuel Maglione
Nicholas Mapstone
Ray McMahon
Martijn Meijerink
Jarno Mellenhorst
Saifee Mullamitha
Sivakumar Mutu
Vinotha Nadarajah
Claire Newton
Yves Panis
Rowan Parks
Marc Peters
Solange Peters
Panagiotis Petras
Wojtek Polak
Florian Primavesi
Ganesh Radhakrishna
Jose-Manuel Ramia Angel
Beata Raus
Adam Rees
Paul Ross

Laura Rubbia-Brandt
Luis Sarria
Jennifer Seligmann
Alejandro Serrablo
Rajesh Shah
Jill Sibbald
Constantinos Simillis
Ajith Siriwardena
Martin Smith
Kjetil Soreide
Harry Spiers
Lennart Stassen
Stefan Stattner
Nicholas Stylianides
Charles Swanton
Rutger-Jan Swineburg
Andres Valdivisio
Steven Wigmore
Richard Wilson
David Wright
Nuhan Yassin
Hassan Malik
Oded Zmora


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Notification of changes and cancellation must be made in writing and sent to the E-AHPBA at

  • Cancellations up to and including 4th November 2022, total amount will be refunded less a cancellation fee of €50.00
  • Cancellations made after 4th November 2022, we regret that no refunds can be made.
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