E-AHPBA - Focusing on Research and Solutions for HPB-Diseases

The EHPBA was founded in 1999 as the European Regional Association of the International Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (IHPBA). The Association then expanded to countries of the Middle East and Africa, thus, forming the European-African Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (E-AHPBA) in 2011. Currently, the Association counts for more than 500 active members from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our region also includes ‘National Chapters’ that represent memberships from different countries including: CIS (Russian Federation and CIS Countries), Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain and Ireland, Greece, Italy, Kenya, MENA (Middle East and North Africa), Netherlands, Scandinavia, Spain, South Africa and Turkey.

The primary mission of the Association is to be the prime interdisciplinary organisation for HPB-surgical science and scholarship in our region, and to provide an international forum for presenting the state-of-the-art developments and science of HPB-surgery. This mission is currently accomplished by conducting a biennial scientific meeting (alternating with the IHPBA World congress), and other annual events such as consensus conferences, post graduate courses, technical courses, and workshops. The E-AHPBA may also support educative and scientific activities from its members and strategic partners. The E-AHPBA has strengthened it thrust to improve the educational activities through formalising the Post Graduate course curriculum and its delivery through National Chapters. There is a new process for accreditation of training sites which is currently being introduced. The next E-AHPBA Regional Congress will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands from the 2nd to 6th June 2019, www.e-ahpba2019.com.

The E-AHPBA is moving forward in playing a major role in its field in the development of HPB-diseases worldwide. The E-AHPBA is engaged with the IHPBA in developing a combined membership of the two organisations. This process of “harmonisation” will ensure we are aligned with the vision of the IHPBA and the regional associations.

Principles of the E-AHPBA:

  • The E-AHPBA is committed to excellence in patient care and is devoted to elevating standards of care throughout the world.
  • The E-AHPBA encourages the recruitment, mentorship, training and career development of individuals interested in hepato-pancreato-biliary disorders.
  • The E-AHPBA embraces a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of hepato-pancreato-biliary disorders and fosters collegial relationships.
  • The E-AHPBA encourages membership by qualified candidates interested in hepato-pancreato-biliary disorders including anaesthesiologists, hepatologists, gastroenterologists, radiologists, oncologists, surgeons, transplant physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and investigators.
  • The E-AHPBA is focused on the development of new national chapters and increasing our membership.
  • The E-AHPBA is committed to the highest ethical standards in research, education, organisational operation and interaction with industry.

The official journal of E-AHPBA is HPB. HPB is now well established as an international forum for clinical, scientific and educational communication with an impact factor in 2015 of 2.918.  It has risen in importance in the last few years to represent the major HPB journal in which the latest advances in our speciality are published.

The E-AHPBA also regularly publishes newsletters to keep our members up to date about activities held by the association. The E-AHPBA is a paper free association, and therefore, platforms for communication are emails and our website. This website will secure timely and optimal diffusion of information among all E-AHPBA members.

The E-AHPBA moved to a new area with improved professionalism of our operational activities and a new name European–African Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association, to better highlight the geographical coverage of the association.  The E-AHPBA is moving forward in playing a major role in its field in the development worldwide, and must serve as a friendly and efficient platform to share ideas, scientific information, studies and, trainees. Friendship and a desire to learn from each other in an international and interdisciplinary world is the sole spirit in our association.