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Summary of the Spanish Course by Professor Ramia

On February 20, 2019, the EAHPBA Silver Course on Pancreatic Cancer was held in Guadalajara, Spain. It was organized by Dr. Jose Ramia, who has also just been named as the new president of the Spanish chapter of the IHPBA. The course was very successful and attended by 200 surgeons.

The course included:

  • an invited lecture from Prof. M. Besselink;
  • a session with 6 presentations made by:
    1. Drs. Sabater (borderline pancreatic cancer),
    2. Busquets (how to improve your results in pancreatic surgery),
    3. Rotellar (laparoscopic procedures in pancreatic cancer),
    4. Ramia (Spanish Appleby registry),
    5. Padilla (HIPEC in pancreatic cancer),
    6. and Muñoz (oncological advances);
  • an educational video session and clinical cases presentation.
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