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Innovation & Development Committee:

Mohammed Abu Hilal, Southampton, United Kingdom

Depute Chair
Ugo Boggi, Pisa, Italy

Luca Aldrighetti, Milan, Italy
Marc Besselink, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Safi Dokmak, Clichy, France
Bjorn Edwin, Oslo, Norway
Emir Hoti, Dublin, Ireland
Tobias Keck, Luebeck, Germany
Igor Khatkov, Moscow, Russian Federation
Giovanni Levi Sandri, Italy
Alaeldin Awad Nogoud, Khartoum, Sudan
Patricia Sanchez Velazquez, Barcelona, Spain
Olivier Soubrane, Clichy, France
Aude Vanlander, Gent, Belgium

Over the last two decades we have witnessed enormous progress in the field of Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary (HPB) Surgery as a result of a greater understanding of a patient’s physiology and disease pathology; improvements in surgical technique and developments in equipment. The culmination of these factors has resulted in an increased uptake and dissemination of the speciality with continuous developments occurring in the field of laparoscopy, robotic surgery and interventional techniques such as microwave-ablation, portal vein embolization, transarterial chemoembolization and SIRT.

The E-AHPBA recognises the importance of these developments and their significance to the continued progression of HPB surgery. Integral to this is the safe and systematic development of these techniques and instruments.

The E-AHPBA is keen to continue its support and to help in the safe and continuous expansion of these new developments within the HPB. Hence, the E-AHPBA has set-up a dedicated committee, within the association, with a particular focus on innovation and developments.

Aims of the Committee:

  • Ensure new techniques and technological developments have an educational and promotional space within the association.
  • Collaborate with the educational programs to ensure the safe dissemination of new surgical techniques and approaches.
  • Collaborate with other national and international societies with similar aims to increase the profile of the association and build foundation for future projects.
  • Collaborate with the Programme Committee to ensure new techniques and technology are well represented with the Biennial Congress​.
  • To provide regular evidence-based updates to the E-AHPBA members of new developments and technologies.
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