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The goal of the Scientific & Research committee is:

  • to promote collaboration between research groups in the E-AHPBA​
  • to provide a forum through which members of the E-AHPBA are informed of various research activities within the HPB community.


The purpose of this corner in the E-AHPBA website is to provide the membership of the E-AHPBA with news and information concerning research projects, ongoing trials, meetings and surveys. Members are also encouraged to announce their clinical trials with links to specific trial sites and study descriptions on the website.


We are pleased to introduce to you the members of this new Scientific Committee:

Mickael Lesurtel (Switzerland) (Chair)
Marc Besselink (The Netherlands)
Mert Erkan (Turkey)
​Tom Gallagher (Ireland)
Jorg Kleeff (Germany)
​Steven Olde Damink (The Netherlands)
Raj Prasad (UK)
​Jose Manual Ramia-Angel (Spain)
​Roberto Salvia (Italy)
​Alejandro Serrablo (Spain)
Oliver Strobel (Germany)
Christian Sturesson (Sweden)
​Attila Szijarto (Hungary)

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