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E-AHPBA Postgraduate Course

Dear Colleagues,

HPB surgery has evolved into a fully recognised specialty in Europe. Increasingly more specialised units possess the necessary competence to treat patients with diseases of the liver, pancreas or biliary system. The establishment of a UEMS division and a board examination for HPB surgery are direct results of this important development. In order to accommodate the growing need for theoretical training in HPB surgery, the Educational Committee of the E-AHPBA has organised preconvention courses which will give a concise overview on the state-of-the-art in HPB surgery.

1st 2010 Zurich (CH)Non-HCC primary liver tumours (Click here to see the flyer)
2nd 2011 Cape Town (SA): Challenges in HPB Surgery (Click here to see the programme)
3rd 2012 London (UK)Management of acute and chronic pancreatitis (Click here to see the flyer)
4th 2013 Belgrade (S): Updates in HPB surgery (Click here to see the programme)
5th 2015 Manchester (UK): Challenges in HPB Surgery
6th 2016 Maastricht (NL): Liver and Biliary Tract (click here to see website)
7th 2017 Mainz (GER): Surgery for Pancreatic Diseases (click here to see the programme)

Next PG course will be organized:
- November 1st 2017, Antalya, Turkey: Focus on the Biliary Tract (click here to see website)

The E-AHPBA Education Committee